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Birds for Sale can be found in several places. You should first do some research and know the type of bird you want to buy. Your feathered friend will likely be a long term investment, since many large birds can live nearly as long as humans. So, make sure you are prepared for the commitment of bringing a pet bird into your home. Birds for sale can be purchased from bird breeders. This is most likely the main source of exotic pet birds for sale. There are two types of bird breeders: commercial and hobbyist. A commercial breeder may have thousands of different birds for sale. Commercial breeders may also wholesale their birds to pet marts and individuals. When you visit a breeder, don't be afraid to ask a lot of questions. Ask to see where the birds are kept and look at their environment for cleanliness, etc. Birds for sale can also be purchased from a hobbyist who most likely started breeding birds from the pure love of the creatures. You can look for birds for sale from hobbyists and commercial breeders in several places local newspapers, online, or by asking other bird enthusiasts for a reputable breeder.

Birds for sale can also be found at pet marts and pet stores. Birds in pet stores and pet marts were most likely purchased from a commercial bird breeder, although some pet stores do sell hand raised birds. If you are interested in a Parrot, try to find one that has been hand-raised. Birds for sale that have been hand raised since they were babies are generally more likely to be cuddly, tame and make human-oriented pet birds.

Birds for sale can also be found at local animal shelters and rescues. This may be one of the most rewarding ways to bring a pet bird into your life. If you would like to save the life of a homeless pet bird, check with your local animal shelter. Many people buy a pet bird and later realize they are unable to take care of it and have to take the bird to a shelter or animal rescue. The shelter usually has a screening process and sometimes charges an adoption fee to cover the cost of shots, etc. for the bird.


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